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There are two aspects of painting which hold a particular interest to me. The first are the qualities of the different colours, individually and in balance with each other. Colour itself is a reason to paint. The second aspect is form, in this case, the form of a creature, be it cat, crow or rat, and how that form speaks of the subject's inner nature. The colour black is an interesting one with which to express this form. It is an impenetrable colour, both mysterious and protecting.

-- Gwendolyn Best


Gwendolyn Best

GWENDOLYN'S 2015 CALENDAR IS OUT. You can get your copy at Paper Papier in the 
Market, Heaven's To Betsy in Hintonburg, The Village Quire in Westboro, the
Ottawa Art Gallery (2, Daly Ave.), as well as at the Orange Art Gallery in City Centre,
where you can also see Gwendolyn's latest works.

cats and rats around the city




cats and rats around the city

Cats and Rats Around the City - The cats and rats have come and gone.
We were delighted to be back at Francesco's and we hope you enjoyed the show.
Many thanks to Donna for inviting us again.


Sure-footed, silkily prowling about, cats wander the city.
The gas meters, street signs and dumpsters are part of the landscape -- things 
to climb on or duck under.
City cats go about their lives, only stopping to stare when they see us watching them.
And there are the cats indoors, still watching.
One wonders what kind of record they keep.


A Gwendolyn cat prowling through the 'hood.       Another batch of Sarah B's kitty cat cupcakes. 


WELCOME TO GWENDOLYN'S NEW HOME! Orange Art Gallery has moved to City Centre
 (250 City Centre Ave., off Scott Street). The new location is bright and spacious, and those
  familiar cats are looking forward to greeting you there. Gwendolyn's next show will open on
  May 15. Hope to see you soon!

Gwendolyn's second show at Café Les Saisons in Old Chelsea, "The Cats of Parliament Hill Revisited", 
is now over. Thanks to Cindy and Midge for hosting us again. The cats LOVE Les Saisons!

 Gwendolyn at Les Saisons  Safe Haven

 The WATCHERS IN THE WINDOWS have left the Ottawa Art Gallery after a six week run. It 
 was a great way to start the year. Thank you to the OAG for hosting the show.


 Stephanie Germano and Rebecca Basciano of the Ottawa Art Gallery, with Gwendolyn in   
 the middle, standing in front of a few of the watchers on opening night.